Dress baby second hand

We often talk about selling second-hand clothes, especially when it comes to children’s clothes – they grow so fast! Tanguy, father of four children, understood that the world of textiles was a real scourge for the environment. That’s why he makes all his purchases on for-sale.com, a site that offers many second-hand children’s clothes.

second hand clothes

Dressing your children is a big budget. That’s why many parents turn to second-hand buying. However, they generally point out the difficulty and time required to find exactly what is needed. Going to a city for birth bodies, to friends for good quality hats and shoes and to a third commune for a winter coat can be disheartening for some people. To facilitate this experience, a solution: a site specialized in second-hand clothes like For-sale.com, which includes skirts, pants, t-shirts, shirts, pajamas, etc. for your little ones.

An ecological scourge

It should be noted that more than 2,500 litres of water are required to produce a t-shirt and that the same t-shirt will only be worn 7 times. Calculate, over a year, the number of clothes you buy and you will quickly understand why it is high time to act!

Buying second-hand is therefore a necessity not only for your budget, but also for our planet. Don’t forget either, in return, to give or offer for sale the clothes (and objects) that you no longer wear. And goodbye to over-consumption!